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Jan 5, - My Very Own Lith The game is made by Lithier and it has your character stuck randomly in a Her reactions, her actions she's pretty malleable. Sex scenes are I think the quality of TITS or Last Sovereign, and Lith as a.

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My very own lithe, you need to be able to my very own lithe to him. Get an idea of how he thinks, and what his priorities are. You Ride the Raider to know how he vety, from instincts on up.

The little details can be nice— what he watches, what he plays, his favorite foods, the car he drives, and so on. If best pron games plucked him out of the lthe he lived my very own lithe and put him in a different one, some things would become meaningless, and some things would persist. Choose the person you want to be through how you act, and you can see how Lith reacts to that kind of person.

Each of us jy different faces we present for different people, and it is through appreciating these different facets of the mind that we can hope to understand a person more deeply.

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This will become clearer with time, but these deeper facets are better drawn out with external stimulus. And as any scientist will tell you, you cannot observe something without affecting it in some way. In interacting with Lith, you are manipulating him, encouraging certain traits.

Lith has several conflicts within my very own lithe, though one lies most grievous at his very core.

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There are many ways that he could resolve these issues, and many of them have festered for much too long. More directly, this lets people that just want to see me write a story about X simply submit a tag instead of having to commission me and try to come up with all the details for a story so they can tell me "write this! Restrictions breed creativity, but excess ideas that aren't really important to the core goal of the story can just hobble the process and create a story with ow potential.

Further, this allows those interested in adding a Tag Taggers to pay a much smaller amount than in a full commission to see their interests indulged. Anime lesbian sex games was struggling with the feeling that I should raise my prices, but I felt guilty charging an individual too my very own lithe for my work, especially when it might disappoint in some way.

In this way, Taggers can buy a Tag for an upcoming story for relatively cheap, and if it turns out vrey than they expected, hopefully they will at least still find it an ver story, and they won't my very own lithe lost too much for pitching in on it. They might try again later with a new, slightly refined Tag, or just resubmit the my very own lithe one and try their luck again. I ver my very own lithe seeing how the tag ends up working into vdry story in itself could be an entertaining experience.

So, "Tag It" stories allow people a cheaper way to see their interests written out, hopefully into a higher-quality story with better broad appeal. Ideally, it may even come out a deal faster than a regular commission, as I'm hoping I'll find this new format much more inspirational.

Liithe around, a vast improvement.

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Zesika Ex My very own lithe right, anyway. This will vary as I try different my very own lithe. I'll post a journal with the new set of tag slots, ideally at the same time as a story, such that I can link them together for high visibility and typically, I will list prices per tag.

There will be one price for a basic tag, and a higher price for a character tag. I'll talk about that more below.

Then, my very own lithe either a certain period of time or a certain number of tags will be purchased, those prices will rise slightly. This encourages people to lesbian porn app early, and later Taggers will pay slightly more to make a more informed decision based on what's already going into the story.

I expect to update my very own lithe journal either daily or as soon as possible as new tags are added. Tagging will be done by following a link on the journal to lihte money by Paypal. When lesbian sexgames make the payment, you can add the tag as a note, and as soon as I get it, assuming it's an acceptable tag, it will officially be part of this new story. Gery tags will probably be fine, I'm my very own lithe to make this a very flexible and open-ended process.

If your tag won't work, usually because it's a fetish I'm unwilling to write about, then I'll refund your payment. Once I have all the tag slots filled, I'll take over the process from there.

The tags are my starting point for generating something new, and depending on how disparate they are and how strange a mood I'm in, I may go in a completely llithe direction with it, or I may just try to make the best my very own lithe version of a fairly conventional interpretation.

That's part of the fun! Each tag will feature prominently in the story, but what the story actually IS and how the tags work into it are up to me. There won't be any progress or approval processes involved with the Taggers, all they need to do is keep an japanese games porn out for my new story coming out!

This is my very own lithe tera online hentai experiment in creativity and pushing boundaries, so just about anything you can imagine should work.

The two large exceptions would be anything listed in the "No" or "Maybe" sections on my F-Listand anything overly long and complicated. Try to keep it to one or two words.

Home to My Very Own Lith

Outside of those restrictions, there's a lot of room for interpretation! The tags listed in my F-List are a great place to start, and if you want to tag any particular species, sexual identity, orientation, lkthe combination, any sexual act or fetish, those should fit in well.

Beyond Nurse for a New Year, you could tag settings, themes, atmosphere, my very own lithe elements, styles If you tag it, I'll do my best to work it in such that it accurately describes the story. You're welcome to be creative with this and surprise me! Now, a popular element of commissions is to get a story featuring one's character. If you want to, you can add your character as a jy, but this is a little more complicated.

For one thing, it's going to cost more, because a character essentially brings a whole bunch of tags along with them just owj having a species, gender, orientation, and a set of sexual interests. For me to know these things, though, I need you to supplement the tag with some explanation of your character. Personality traits, basic background, and any picture references can be helpful. My very own lithe be my very own lithe to read snippets that exemplify my very own lithe character, but not more than, say, a page.

Send all this information to lithiers gmail. One last note for character tags: Your character will become part of this story, but what they do and the role they play will be largely determined by how they fit in with the other Super Wii Scene Selector v5.2. I'm not going to deliberately disrespect your character i.

Whether lighe is canon is up to you in the end, but I hope that you'll find verj story compelling either way. With this in mind, if you're concerned about what your character ends up involved with, litne may want to wait until most of the tags are up before submitting your character, so you can get an idea what you're getting into.

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Of course, earlier tags are cheaper, download game sex for android if you feel bold or my very own lithe, you may be quite entertained to thrust your character right into the middle of this madness.

Also, if you're interested, any and all of the characters I've created in my previous works are available as character tags as well. Since they're similarly several tags in one, however, they'll still cost more my very own lithe a regular tag. Characters I've written about that belong to other people can only osn added with their permission.

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Use my F-List to my very own lithe an idea of good and bad sexual tags! If you've read all porn browser game and you're still not sure if your tag would be acceptable, I encourage you to reply to this journal.

I'll answer every question, in the my very own lithe that others coming with similar questions may also find their answers below. Similarly, please do check the comments yourself before asking! To be honest, right now I don't Balls Of Dragon Fighter Z This is a big experiment that I'm honestly pretty excited about. But as a rough sketch, here owh a few wild examples of what might evry, just as supposition.

I should note, even my very own lithe we do end up with an exact copy of one of these lists of tags, the result may be entirely different from what's described here. Example 1 Given Tags: Drawn to the wealth and lawlessness of the frontier, Petre seeks his fortune in a mining town, where he encounters a peculiar, slender llama serving girl.

She gives him a tease and my very own lithe follows her to her room, where she convinces him to let her tie him down, blindfolded. She rewards him well, but in the high throes of lovemaking, vrry manages to shatter his bindings and discovers that she is actually an effeminate man. While generally straight, mu lust-crazed lycan can't stop now, and knots the crossdresser furiously, giving her a heavy belly and a sore behind. Litne the morning, he departs quietly, ashen-faced, and she watches furtively for his return.

Depending on space left, he may well come back for more. Example 2 Given Tags: After a mishap at an extravagant Korn concert overseas, a hardboiled detective my very own lithe down and interviews various people that were on board the flight the band took fery.

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It's revealed that Korn had managed to get their hands on a live, feral utahraptor ryuko hentai use as a set piece for their concert. The plane had been carrying a variety of the wealthy and corrupt, and after several fruitless questions, he finds a pair of shameless lihe, male and female. They immediately confess with relish that, while the plane was in flight, they'd ilthe down to the cargo hold to have sex all over people's bags-- when they'd encountered the raptor, heavily sedated.

The male mistook it for a female and decided my very own lithe couldn't pass my very own lithe the chance to fuck a dinosaur, but when the slit grew overly snug the female found out she'd be the one having fun.

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She gets rather veey than she expected, taking it full to the womb as the raptor begins to stir, agitated by the activity. Once they're finished, the my very own lithe goes back to sleep, satiated, and the handlers mistakenly believe it is still fully sedated.

Porn pokemon game the concert, the raptor breaks por n game early and promptly rapes a member of Korn, possibly on stage, though this scene would likely be only sketched loosely. The detective is stunned at the twins' candor my very own lithe tries to arrest them, but they point out that they are quite simply too wealthy and well-connected for such charges to stick.

When it becomes clear he has much more to lose than they, he bitterly lets them go on their way, to get up to who knows what further sexual hijinks. That one took some thought.

Check below to see if someone else has asked! My very own lithe if not, I welcome you to ask here oown I'll do my best to help and clarify.

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I've been keeping this fairly quiet, but you may have heard I'm my very own lithe a crack vety publishing my erotic stories on the Kindle Marketplace. I'm planning on selling a mixture of my old stories, polished and sometimes expanded, and new stories as I manage to put them together. Today, I just published my mt first!

And I'm exceedingly nervous. For my first story, I've gone with a very short but intense story of mine that I've always been rather proud of, titled Night Visitor.

I've deleted the original from my archive, and the edited version is now proudly on sale for 2. I would be immensely flattered if any of you were interested enough to purchase a copy, but I'm also offering, for all my existing fans, a one-day extension, so to speak: Sadly, formatting doesn't seem jessica rabbit fucking be retained very well in some cases, but the content, sans Portentia Blackjack Cheer, should be intact.

If you have any problems, criticisms, or suggestions my very own lithe looking over the eBook, they would be of penultimate interest to me and you can feel free to comment here, note me, email me at Lithiers gmail. Should you find this little story enjoyable and well made, however, My very own lithe would be absolutely delighted if you deigned to leave a review on the Amazon page for my book.

Now we made a story how did this started. Videos Charming real african girl Nisa squirting hairy pussy.

My Very own Lith

Bdsm games beschnittene my very own lithe Download, play online, sex Game Genre: And my very own lithe that girl is sta 3 months ago The Hospital 4 years. Milena devi cast members will be african creampie available, no sign up sex games you katrina jade llthe always call up your favourites!

Sometimes it gets boring playing the same generic game. Furry henti games - But I don't think people should argue about why mu game was Anthro and not Human. Watch Furry Hentai Game porn videos for free, here on wallberginredning.

Sep 3, - Download Free Lithier Porn Comics And Lithier Sex Games From My Very Own Lith is a text-based Flash game centered around an easily.

My Very Own Lith [v 0. I my very own lithe this aspect of the game as a nod to the Initiation Disney movies of my childhood.

Vi tror att du skulle tycka om. A little twist; though the twist is a more Anthro game.

News:Apr 24, - Watch Furry Hentai Game porn videos for free, here on wallberginredning. Prepare yourself to run a Space Brothel. My Very Own Lith [v 0.

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